Tuesday, October 7, 2014

stella lee : privacy

UPDATE : I hide my parents face for privacy, why can't some people get it? I have a brother and some friends who do not have any intention to show their faces on my social media. And I believe it's better to hide my parents face. Some said I was ashamed of them, if I WAS, then I would not mention about them. And please look at the comment, there's someone who already talks bad about my parents even though they don't even know the face. Internet is scary and people can be rude, cannot imagine if I put too much information online. Thank you for making me hurt, hater. I'm lucky both of my parents don't have Facebook to see your hurtful comment, and they're well behaved enough to not attack people online. They always teach me to be a good person, unlike people who bash someone on internet..

But most importantly, I put so little information about the real life online. Talk about my last name as well.. Maybe some people put everything about their life online but MY DECISION IS FIRM, I do not reveal everything online. So take it or leave it..