GLance Me

HeLLo feLLas
GLad to see u. My name is s.e.F, in the short name of my Longest name :)
"Our Bittersweet Life" blog just write what I want to write. It couLd be anytHing.

I'm Indonesian, Live in Jakarta. My Hometown is in Jogjakarta....That's right so kindness people =D

Studied at Padjadjaran University.  
Past :   Bachelor degree from Asian Banking Finance and Informatics Institute Perbanas. 
SMA 67.

Loved : tosca, traveLLing, cooking, ice cream, manga, hand made creativity, the REDS.
Hated : people who speak HarshLy, Liars, traitor, copycat-ers, waiting.

♥ ♥ If you visit or foLLow my bLog, and want me to foLLback just Let me know ♥ ♥ 

Thanks for reading this page :*

HAHA just forget it I never return on my blog.... right now I have a busy new life :)