Thursday, September 27, 2012

HBD AvriL Lavigne

Turns 28 but stiLL Looks like 18. She never ages!
Happy bday @AvrilLavigne, hope you always grab all your wishes and Keep Rocks!!! I love you av!! 

#Happy28thBirthdayAvril awwwww <3 span="span">

Israq Abimanyu

Bangun abi,,,, semua kakak & keluarga menunggu mu. AL-Fatihah send.

Semangat abi,,,, Kita punya banyak kesamaan,,,, sampai kasih nama adik, alasan, & sayang adik, semuanya :) We're a knight. It's nice to know a kid Like you from others. I wanted to know you directly.

Guys, please check this link. Help & support this kid.


Commuter Line


on sunday I had new experience trip drive by commuter Line.
New train+cozy place. For me a new experience even I'm Jakarta citizen..wkwk.
Right 1 day before we go to Tenabang... My brad & I visited Mangdu IT maLL... I must choose Lappie 4 Him. Yes, He enter university this year. What a time!!
So aLLowed me 2 choose what the best 4 Him.

we're playing on da ground. Buy the things he needs.
N arrived @home late nite.
N yesterday wid mamayukero n ibu also.
When I've got Jakarta calling so abuse *LOL.
This is 4 da 1st time 4 me get commuter Line... But they're just Like 4-5 times...

white bunny

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is it me u're Looking for ?! (part 2)

Again,,,,,, after my number 1+7
Replace ur number, twitter name, date both of u, ckckck. Trademark belongs to me since 6 years ago. Even my father's house number... 17, 7, 57... cant I deny it's similar to him also? would u deny that?? the number 1+7 reLated to me.
or.........are u stiLL keep me deep inside of u ?  You want me to be a shadow in your part of  life 4ever? Like u said  RT @marvelnieL17 @WasFeeling: Mungkin kenangan kita dl bkn ap2 bagimu,tp bagiku kenangan kita susah buat aku lupain krn itu sangat berharga.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Manchunian rusuh + Hectic day

Ok this is my spontaneous trip.. I have no plan. Actually 1 of my friend (anak jalanannya Jakbar :P) called me, invite me to nobar… kinda feels exhausted that day, yes my brain kinda tired working do my thesis  and da Heart feels so hurt (God, know it). Yes, I’m a person who’s  not accept injustice in every major, in every single way. I hate people laugh on someone’s pain. Don’t u think, in the next day it may return back on you what you’ve done on someone Life. Actually my feelings told it’s not about the games but u can explore something on the street  
Dan alhasil………Itu telpon udah 2 hari yg lalu, tp pas Hari H, siangnya bener2 dadakan ZZzzZzz. I have no travel agent to take me @ Jakarta. My friend suggest me to take meruya pull, but it’s full booked.  3 travels agent  Jakarta-Bandung all ready reserved. I try n try, but o..mai…gat (ngikutin bhs.alay*LOL). Finally one of them told me that on West Jakarta I Have to take sLipi pull..ZZzzZZz. changes plan, I’m not told my friend yet. Ada Lg travel yg last minute waiting list nya mesti wajib kudu datengnya ke Pasteur…wew  males gewla mesti ke pasteur sendirian. Itu juga blm tentu dapet. Ga bisa waiting List di pull terdekat ZZzzzZZ hadeeh cip*ga*t* susye bener. “mba nanti pull nya bisa turun yang di sLipi, krn Qta ga ada yg Lain di jkt.barat. >< tempat nya dimana ya mba? *secara gw ga tw daerah situ.daerah jajahan gw kan JakSeL @kuningan & sekitarnya :P >< pull nya ada di depan RS. BM"