Monday, September 1, 2014

Loving him is RED

remember this is INDONESIA

I was upset when Torres, Alonso and Suarez left. I was sad when Carragher retired. But I cried when I realized you were no longer a Liverpool player. You stayed with us when the future of Liverpool football club looked bleak. You could have left us and joined clubs like Barcelona, Manchester City, and AC Milan. You could have played Champions League football like you deserved. But instead you made the AC Milan chairman wait in a restaurant and you tattooed YNWA on your knuckles. That gesture alone was enough to prove that you are an epitome of loyalty and passion.

my dagger
1st game after torres moved to chealsea. hellyeah !!!
my liverpool


I desperately, desperately hope that Daniel Agger knows that he is loved by fans everywhere.
see you again, my daggger, my guardian angel. Kolam hati ku.

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