Monday, June 22, 2015

Ramadhan Day 5

20:16 WIB 
orang yang dimimpiin, masa nongol di comment photo temen sekelas gw pas SMA zzzzZzz
I wonder the person knew "I like" my friend's photo. Hope the person dont know I gave my thumb up.

Day 5
So how's your fast ?
Semangat yaa.. kan masih hari ke-5 
So there's something interesting so far ?
Me ??
Hmmm... pake ada acara mimpiin orang huhu. I was shocked :(
Kenapa orang itu yang datang ke mimpi.. Kenapa ga orang lain?
Apa orang itu kangen sama kita ???
What does it means ? What kinda a sign..
Errr...pertanda apakah ini..
Never mind.
So tell me about yours XD
An hour before break the fasting.

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