Thursday, September 27, 2012

Commuter Line


on sunday I had new experience trip drive by commuter Line.
New train+cozy place. For me a new experience even I'm Jakarta citizen..wkwk.
Right 1 day before we go to Tenabang... My brad & I visited Mangdu IT maLL... I must choose Lappie 4 Him. Yes, He enter university this year. What a time!!
So aLLowed me 2 choose what the best 4 Him.

we're playing on da ground. Buy the things he needs.
N arrived @home late nite.
N yesterday wid mamayukero n ibu also.
When I've got Jakarta calling so abuse *LOL.
This is 4 da 1st time 4 me get commuter Line... But they're just Like 4-5 times...

white bunny

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