Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is it me u're Looking for ?! (part 2)

Again,,,,,, after my number 1+7
Replace ur number, twitter name, date both of u, ckckck. Trademark belongs to me since 6 years ago. Even my father's house number... 17, 7, 57... cant I deny it's similar to him also? would u deny that?? the number 1+7 reLated to me.
or.........are u stiLL keep me deep inside of u ?  You want me to be a shadow in your part of  life 4ever? Like u said  RT @marvelnieL17 @WasFeeling: Mungkin kenangan kita dl bkn ap2 bagimu,tp bagiku kenangan kita susah buat aku lupain krn itu sangat berharga.

I'm not a modeL either roLe modeL, girL !! XD 

2NE1 FoLLow Me *LOL

Annoy.. zzzZZzz
Dont take away something belongs to someone.... n put it to the other. Someday u'LL never imagined Losing u're own. Dont be a THIEF. 


  1. Hello, blog hopping here :) care to exchange links? =)

  2. Hey Girl, I'm your new follower from blogaholic. Babe, I love your Awesome Blog!
    Please check out & follow my blog. Let's be blog buddies.


  3. Thank u very much. I appreciate that^^