Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just memories 2010 : with miss zimbabwe

I found this
with miss zimbabwe-avril mhembere

Just a sweet memory, from that moment I met a Lot of people, foreign students not onLy from UNPAD but also from ITB, Unpar. I was just silence girl but suddenly everybody so get into me. Dont know why (silly me). And my classmate introduce me. omaiiiigat. Not onLy from southeast asian. Damn.....Haaaaaha oK just my experience.
My friend said u could be a miss,,,,, yeah not in my country of course!!! *LOL Gw cuma tau diri aja.

From that moment I Learn n know no matter a Lot of people say u're pretty, sweet or whatever they said to you that makes u flying so high in some peopLe. (for me is not). It's useLess when u feel that moment after IdL Fitr u're heart empty n downhearted because of someone.

You can get my point?? no matter u're beautiful but deep inside so numb.....u're hurt by someone you love.
THat's it.


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